xpert Testimony

Expert testimony is a very compelling component in any litigation. This is particularly true in the complex and highly technical health care field. Coding Compliance Solutions has earned the kind of expert credibility that comes across in the courtroom.

  • Expert testimony on compliance issues since 1988.
  • Testified in criminal court cases and administrative hearings.
  • Courtroom experience in New York, Michigan, Texas, Florida, and Ohio and Wyoming.
  • Numerous depositions in a wide variety of cases including infusion, rehab, contract cancellation, billing practices, psychiatric services, hospice, Transitional Care, dermatology, surgical practice, radiation oncology, hyperbaric oxygen.

Coding Compliance Solutions ia qualified as an expert witness on the following issues:

  • Documentation and billing of physician services
  • Auditing methodologies
  • Statistical sampling, including analysis of accuracy of governmental sampling
  • Psychiatric coding and billing
  • “Incident To” services
  • Evaluation and Management coding and documentation
  • Inpatient rehab services
  • ESRD billing and coding