When litigation is required, such as behalf of providers who are accused of improper billing or coding, CCS makes sure you are fully prepared. We frequently work with legal counsel and offer the following services:

  • Provide expert advice on complex health care coding, billing and reimbursement related to Part A and Part B providers.
  • Perform reviews and provide legal counsel with data analysis to defend qui tam allegations.
  • Carry out statistical sampling analyses for providers as part as self disclosure or in defense of government audits.
  • Support counsel in Medicare Fraud and abuse litigation.
  • Conduct audit of services and billings and calculate appropriate payback if needed.

efense Audit Support
Coding Compliance Solutions does not practice law, nor do we want to. Our objective is to work in collaboration with law firms, enabling you to better defend healthcare providers against false clains. Unlike large consulting firms, this is not a training mission for our staff. This means we provide the expertise you need without costly overhead.

  • Shadow auditing of government investigation.
  • Review of behavioral health services to ensure compliance with terms of CIA.